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The QAtesting.network offers a powerful social network platform for connecting with industry peers and experts, to collaborate and share knowledge and best practices.

We organize a regular schedule of learning events covering the latest innovations and technologies from across the wide spectrum of QA and software testing practices.


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In an era of hyper-scale Cloud computing and high frequency DevOps, there is a pressing need to evolve QA and Software Testing practices to keep pace.

We offer a suite of membership services to enable and support this transformation.
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Site members have access to a full curriculum of e-learning courses created by software testing industry experts.

Expert Agenda

Learn the core concepts and practices required for a modern software tester.

Languages & Platforms

Building test scripts across different languages and platforms like Java and C#.

API Testing

How to write and implement test models for APIs using tools like Postman.

DevOps & Continuous Integration

Integrating testing into high velocity Continuous Deployment pipelines.

Vendors and Tools

Adoption guides for key testing tools like Selenium.

Cloud Scale Testing

Testing whole infrastructure at a global Cloud scale using 'Chaos Engineering' practices, and hyperscale Cloud-based testing services.

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Upload your resume to join our resourcing talent pool, experts that are available to work on digital transformation projects.

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