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The QA Testing Network is an online networking and learning community for software testing professionals.

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Centre of Excellence

Learning and Collaboration
Coaching, career progress support and learning tutorials.
Social Business Networking
Private community to connect with new partners from around the world.
R&D Product Innovation

Enterprise testing and training services.

Best Practices

Expert community for Quality Assurance Software Testing methods, tools and technologies.
Tools and Skills

Tutorials on essential tools like Postman, Selenium and Cypress.

DevOps Toolchain
Seamlessly integrating testing into DevOps to speed code deployment.
Cloud Scale Testing
The testing of whole infrastructure operating at a global Cloud scale.
Testing as a Service
Hosted SaaS models for testing software and service delivery.
Accessibility Testing
Ensuring web sites achieve compliance with standards such as the WCAG.
Outsourcing Strategies
Sourcing models for acquiring testing personnel, and how to integrate them into enterprise operations.

We Believe We Will Be Successful If Our Clients Are Successful.

A Social Knowledge Network, a Centre of Excellence and peer community for software testing and Quality Assurance practices.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

As organizations seek to accelerate their digital transformation, highly skilled test/QA teams will play an increasingly critical role in their success, supporting the demand for faster cycle times and ensuring the quality of new digital services.

Strategy Planning

The knowledge base agenda defines and populates a comprehensive framework of the expert topics required to formulate and implement a software testing strategy.

Alliance Building

Detailed analysis of enterprise testing practices from around the world, distilling the business and technology models into the knowledge base.

Accelerator Campaigns

A support ticketing system is integrated into the knowledge base, so that users can submit questions to the subject matter experts, building an FAQ.

Latest Blogs

Continuous Testing

Central to this is Continuous Testing, which Guru99 define in their tutorial as: “Continuous Testing in DevOps is a software testing..

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