Continuous Testing Maturity

In their Youtube video presentation ‘Business Value Roadmap and Continuous Testing Maturity Assessment’ they offer a general framework for how other organisations can achieve the same type of enterprise-wide testing capability. To do this they set a goal of achieving and improving Continuous Testing maturity and articulate a Business Value Roadmap for defining and realising this journey.

They begin by reporting on the current levels of testing automation within enterprise organisations, which is surprisingly low, only between 14-18%. The primary reasons for this low level include a lack of skilled resources, the constantly changing nature of the application and the difficulties encountered in test environments.

Their roadmap articulates a journey and business case for enterprises to address this, accomplished across four main phases of ‘innovate’, ‘promote’, ‘scale’ and ‘optimise’.

They assign a team of digital transformation strategists who are tasked with establishing the Continuous Testing at scale practices. These experts follow standardised methods and models in order to create the customer-tailored solution satisfying all the requirements laid out by the customer, and by mapping current capabilities to the maturity model. The types of challenges they address include lack of investment, lack of training, lack of collaboration and incorrect usage of tools.

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