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Social Security Scotland

To examine the application of these practices we can look to a local keynote organisation pioneering the adoption of AWS for large-scale enterprise systems, the Scottish Government, in particular their Social Security Directorate.

The Scottish Government Social Security Programme is the largest and most complex exercise in devolution undertaken since the Scottish Parliament was reconvened twenty years ago. It will impact the lives of around 1.8 million people in Scotland and pay out an estimated £4 billion by 2024-25 when the Programme concludes and Social Security Scotland is running in a steady-state.

AWS provides a major component part of the Cloud infrastructure for the Social Security Directorate, hosting applications like the Low-Income Benefits (LIB) platform. It also enabled them to spin up a contact centre solution in only two weeks, to cope with the Covid crisis.

AWS works with a broad spectrum of vendor partners to deliver these types of solutions, such as Tricentis, one of 2i’s partners where we offer expert implementation and support services.

As they describe here Social Security is one of their key clients here in Scotland, where it is used to address key challenges such as unifying a quality process that crossed Jira, Jenkins, GitHub, Selenium and NeoLoad.

Selenium is a testing service that 2i is intimately familiar and expert with. Through their acquisition of TestProject, Tricentis absorbed capabilities built on the leading open-source test automation tools: Selenium and Appium, and 2i offers an in-depth specialism in utilising these tools within a complex, enterprise DevOps environment.

In particular AWS API testing is a critical building block for digital transformation solutions built on the Cloud, as interfacing with other government systems is an essential component to achieve end-to-end integrated business processes.

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