Postman Collection used in API testing: How to Create & Manage Collections API Testing using Postman

In this video we will learn about Postman Collection. This will includes how to create new collection in Postman and how to manage them. We will also learn about how collection can be shared with team in the postman team work space.

Overview of Tutorial

From 00:46 he started to talk about collection and requests which we are going to learn in this video series. As, per him collection is generally saved requests. He explains hat we can make multiple request and organize them. At 1:24 explains further how can we make own collections and leverage other features that postman provides.

Creating collection

At 1:40 he talks about collection how one can create collection. How to save request to collection. He explains further that we can save collection from history can duplicate the exciting collection as well. Than he shows demo on the postman dashboard.

He opened the columns of collections. At 2.15 he explains that collection is basically folders structure where one can organize and put request. In test runner runs the request step by step. Assign description to tasks. Than create authorization for this collection. At 3.47 he talks about certain responses that one can verify.

Sharing of collection in APP

At 6:45 he explains further about sharing this collection. As, per him he tell that’s its quite easy to share. Just get the link from the postman dashboard and share with your friend or team. When they click on it they will get the same collection.

Then he talks about the work space for personal and for team. Sharing can be done and it’s pretty easy to do. One can also embed the code with word press site. At 9.30 he is talking about modifying the collection and explains that only main user can give access to provide read only and for 2 people can be given access to read and write as well.

Managing Collections

At 9.52 he explains how to manage the collections. He gives insights of different options like how to navigate through collections, edit/ view any collection. It has so many options if you talk about postman which offers its users to create, reorder, favorite, filter, delete, recover , share collection and many other features like adding folders etc.

Collection Runners

At 11.40 he explains how can we run the request in collection that we made? Another interesting thing is that we can do alteration and can run these requests for 300 times. It can also delay the request between two requests in milliseconds. Also one can lock the request if required. Data variables can be used as well. First of all should run the collection without using stored cookies.

At 13.13 he tells that we will run without any environment and request has passed. Moving forward he explains that one can hover the outcomes in the results section with more details. It also provides options to export the results. Retry option is also there to do complete runner. That’s how collection runner works.

Learning outcome:. This was all about collection to create & share within team. It also gave the idea for collection runner & how it works.

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